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Most physiotherapists start their careers working in hospitals and health centres, with many choosing to work on a self-employed basis once they have gained the relevant experience. Working in this way has many benefits, including the freedom of being your own boss, more take home pay and having more choice in who you work with.

As a full-time employee, your tax is usually taken care of on your behalf in the form of PAYE.

However, as a busy freelancer you have the additional responsibility to manage a range of financial records and submitting a self-assessment tax return at the year-end before paying the associated tax bill.

In our experience many physiotherapists have a combination of employed income and self-employed private income and it is essential that this is accounted for correctly to ensure that you are not overpaying tax and National Insurance contributions. Moore Scarrott Healthcare is on hand to advise on the correct structure for your business so more of your hard earned money ends up with you.

Many accountants carry out your year-end accounts compliance work, and you won’t hear from them until the following year - but for your business to be run successfully, you’ll benefit most from appropriate advice delivered throughout the year as and when the need arises.

Moore Scarrott Healthcare provides an affordable and specialist financial service designed for self-employed medical professionals like you. We’re available all year round to provide you the help and advice you need to thrive in your chosen field.

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