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As primary care networks continue to evolve, it is vital that its members are fully supported in terms of their entitlement, and how things will be structured for everyone's benefit into the future. This encompasses everything from ensuring that that practices have their full and correct income reflected, to consider whether incorporation of the network - and the form this may take - would be of benefit to the member practices. As specialists in this area, we are ideally placed to advise networks now and in the future, and would welcome a conversation with clinical directors anywhere in the UK.

Moore Scarrott Healthcare has the expertise to review your network’s effectiveness and advise on the structure, so you’re assured your network is optimised for financial and operational efficiency.

There is considerable ambiguity surrounding the VAT implications within primary care networks, particularly further in the future when there will be a much higher level of staff recharge, or where a primary care network includes dispensing practices within a particular model. At Moore Scarrott Healthcare our experienced team can advise on any current or potential future VAT issues that may impact your network in its current format.

The NHS Pension has been another area that does not appear to have been considered until after the introduction of the primary care network framework. From the numerous network members we’ve consulted, two particular aspects of the framework stand out as areas that require further scrutiny:

  • staff access to the NHS pension scheme based on the different employment options
  • ensuring that the employer has Employing Authority status

Moore Scarrott Healthcare can monitor developments and work with you to mitigate any affects that may occur to ensure your staff are not unfairly penalised.

On an individual level, we can clarify the GP practice’s role within their network and seek to ensure the correct transparency exists in the way that the fundholding practice is dealing with the network’s financial affairs.

The Moore Scarrott Healthcare team are more than happy to visit your surgery and discuss any areas of concerns with stakeholders from each member practice. If you feel your primary care networks could benefit from a discussion with us please contact us at to arrange.

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