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Whether you’re a GP partner, sessional doctor, consultant or other medical professional, you want to know when your tax liabilities are due, what they are likely to be, and what can be done to keep them as low as possible. At Moore Scarrott Healthcare, we focus on your personal position and tailor our services to minimise your tax burden.

We commit to keeping you up to date with all of your current and future tax liabilities, including projections of estimates for as far as eighteen months into the future, so you’re not left with an unexpected liability. We can also advise on amounts to be saved to ensure that you are ready to meet tax liabilities as and when they fall due.

Where appropriate we will advise on the best structure for your work and make use of all of the different options available.

Our standard services include:

  • Annual personal tax return
  • Personal expense claim for GP partners
  • Advice on appropriate expenses to claim
  • Rental income accounts
  • Tax estimates as soon as practically possible

Unlike other accountants, the Moore Scarrott Healthcare service is a holistic one; reviewing all income streams together to allow for joined up tax planning and advice. We address your professional, personal and family circumstances to see which of the following will deliver you the best financial results:

  • Trading limited companies
  • The use of personal investment companies (PICs)
  • Trust arrangements for children, grandchildren or other dependents
  • Tax efficient ways to hold property (surgery premises or personal properties)
  • Using all tax-free allowances to their maximum benefit (dividends, interest, ISAs and so on)

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