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In recent years it has become increasingly common for practices to join together into localised federations. As these can take many forms, we strongly advise that you consult a team of financial specialists who can ensure your position within this structure is optimised.

In addition to offering the normal accounts and tax compliance for your federation Moore Scarrott Healthcare can advise on numerous aspects of your organisation:

  • Staff issues, where staff are used by the federation
  • Advice on the VAT implications of your federation’s operation
  • Outsourcing of key financial functions such as payroll, book-keeping or VAT
  • The use of LLPs, charitable companies and community interest companies

With the recent developments in the NHS clearly pointing towards a more collaborative model with practices working at scale, we can advise on how your current federation may interact with your local primary care network in the future, and how this may impact you.

Another area to consider is the use of a cost sharing group. As specialist accountants we are best placed to advise as to the suitability of this kind of structure and whether your federation could benefit from taking this approach.

For further information and to arrange a free initial meeting at a time and location to suit you then please email info@mshealth.co.uk.

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